Exciting times...

Can't believe how fast time flies. So much has happened in the past 6 months; from playing with orchestras, to writing ballets, recording with folks, playing bluegrass festivals with 23 String Band, performing with Teddy Abrams and friends, and recording what I think is shaping up to be a kick-ass NF record...it's been a busy and productive summer. Really, really feeling blessed and excited to share the music we've been working on over the last bit. Not sure if it'll be one record, two, or even a double album...but it's gonna be a lot of fun to share. Looking forward to hearing what you think. --Scott

Thanks Lexington & Louisville!

What a fantastic debut weekend! Many, many thanks to all those who came for our very first shows, and to the fine musicians we were honored to share the stage with. What a blast!

Thanks also to the fine folks at Zanzabar and Willie's Locally Known. Y'all are two of the finest establishments anywhere, and we're all fortunate to have you around.

Check our calendar soon for a bunch of upcoming 2015 dates!

Album on the way

Hard to believe it's almost fall again. So many things make this season perhaps my favorite: fiery reds and golds against a deep azure sky, the smell of wood smoke and rotting hay, celebrations of thanksgiving for the fruits of our labor, and a tinge of mortality in the crisp, cool air.

This fall, we're so excited to have something brand new to be thankful for: our debut full-length album! Ten original songs; forty minutes. A killer band, and a couple of very special guests. An album for albums' sake: a journey through emotion, color, sound, time. This is definitely something to celebrate. Stay tuned!